Splash Mountain POV Disneyland Resort California

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A Must View, this classic attraction is at Disneyland, Anaheim California.
Have a Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah day!!

Thank you Disney Park Audios for the splash mountain intro song.

A Front Seat POV Of the Splash Mountain log ride at Disneyland, California.
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61 thoughts on “Splash Mountain POV Disneyland Resort California

  1. I went on this ride a couple years back and we got stuck inside of the
    robot section. Needless to say, 45 minutes in there does something to a

    • Lily Mangle10 How the hell does that happen? If you’re talking about the
      part where she says “Hurry Baaaack, etc” at the California park, its next
      to the up ramp to the exit. You must be referring to the Florida park, now
      that I think about it. She’s in a sort of hallway, just before the mirror

    • little of both – you see i have children so it’s a survival technique….

    • I would pay any price to be stuck in small world for 20 mins… I’d add 25
      bucks more to be stuck there for 20 days, lol..

  2. When I went on the drop, I out on my hood so I would get that wet, sadly, I
    put my hands up while going down then my hood just flew up and I got so wet

  3. I’m going to Disney world and I’m in between going on space mountain and
    splash mountain, which one should I go on?

  4. I try putting my hands up at the drop, but my body fucking knowns that I’m
    dying then I grip the bars at the sides😂

    • RIP Tire So true. I used to love the animatronics and thought they were
      cute until I found out about FNAF now I can’t even look at them

  5. Ironic how the film Disney has been trying to hide away for years inspired
    one of its most well-known theme parm attractions

  6. No one in my family heard of the movie “Song of the South”, but heard the
    song “Zip-A-De-Do-Dah”, then I explained the characters on this ride are on
    the movie.

  7. The one in Tokyo Disneyland is so different.. I prefer that one even though
    most of the voices are in Japanese 😂ALSO THE DROP IS SO MUCH STEEPER!!

    • The tokyo version is the best. It’s the longest, most well layed out, and
      has the best anamtronics. The only problem is there’s barley any splash due
      to clothing concerns.

  8. Honestly this ride has lack of safety there’s no seat belts or handle bars
    and inside the ride there’s random drops that people aren’t prepared for
    and the fifty foot drop straight down I’m surprised I’ve never heard of
    someone flying out of there seats during this ride I would definitely ride
    it if it had seat-belts or handle bars

  9. Back in 2001, I used to work on this attraction. One of the best times in
    my life. I once reset the whole attraction myself when it went down one
    time. Took me about 5 minutes. Though the “tower position” (the control
    room where they have all the security monitors) is everyone’s favorite spot
    (was mine too), I also liked working the loader and the last fast pass
    position (where those with fast passes would hand in their passes). It gave
    me the opportunity to interact with the guests.

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