REAL Wall-E in DisneyLand!

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This animatronic character built for Disney theme parks was brought into the streets of LA.

Original video by Vimeo user BLINK


how director Andrew Stanton came up with the look of Wall-E:

31 thoughts on “REAL Wall-E in DisneyLand!

  1. oh it isn’t that cool to me because it literally is just saying quotes from the movie but, it is still able to see us as you could see when you see the circles in his eyes and those were actually cameras that were placed there so the person controlling him could see at all times and make it go where they wanted to. My guess is that there was probably a screen on the remote controller allowing the puppeteer to see through the eyes of the robot and make sure it doesn’t crash I have seen this robot before and the buttons allow them to make it say quotes from the movie, move around, and move its hands. I know literally nothing about robots but it was completely clear to me that was obviously the case in this situation.

    • Haha, I don’t buy that as a good excuse at all. I have a learning disorder and an inefficient attention span. But, I’m still able to keep the conversation. Listening to someone talk can be hard to maintain attention for you maybe. But I don’t believe someone can have that problem with short texts. How is that possible? Do you read half my messages and reply with whatever pops into your mind?

  2. Call me crazy, but is there a puppeteer involved with it? It doesn’t quite movie as firm/robotically as he did in the film (Believe me, I’ve seen the film 50+ times). A little strange on the up and down movements with the animatronics.

  3. Wall-E is still one of my favorite animated characters. I recently made a live-action Wall e short. Take a look 🙂

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