Lily’s Disneyland Surprise….AGAIN!


2 years later and she is still the sweetest, most deserving, grateful child! We love her so much and love all the support from YOU the viewers! See you at Disneyland!

74 thoughts on “Lily’s Disneyland Surprise….AGAIN!

    • She’s a little girl so they only understand exaggerated voices (extremely
      happy/ excited) otherwise they feel uncomfortable/confused.

    • Actually people talk to dogs like they talk to children. It’s typical to
      talk to kid THIS way. when you talk to an animals this way its b.c you
      talking to it likeits your kid :/….

    • +jason branson Smh, nothing you’ve said makes sense and you support the
      death of many. My close friend lost her brother due to a car accident
      because he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. It was horrific and that whole month
      I had to comfort her. You are truly a sick person and naive to think people
      aren’t getting hurt. It’s a real issue, you need to wake up and smell the
      roses. Please just stop replying because I can tell you’re a troll and have
      a brick for a brain, because any normal person with sense would know
      there’s a reason why it’s the law to wear a seat belt. *Take care*

  1. “You deserve it”
    Me:does 47 test,670 homework assignments,gets into college classes in
    middle school ,cures cancer,and wins a noble peace prize
    My mom:Yeah uh there’s a Popsicle in the freezer…can you grab me one?

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