Grandpa HATES Disneyland

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    • I showed my dad this video, my dads a Vietnam veteran and when he seen that
      part he cracked up laughing.

      The REAL story behind why he says that is, in Vietnam they play this game
      called “MOW” its essentially “Russian Roulette”. They put one bullet in the
      revolver and hand the gun to one of the two prisoners that are sitting
      across from each other. The gun is in the persons mouth and when the
      Vietnamese yell “MOW!” The person pulls the trigger. Every time it DOESNT
      blow one of the persons brains out the game resets and bets continue to be
      placed until one blows his brains out.

      Yes I know this to be fact since my dad experienced it and lived to tell
      the tale. ^~^ hope this informed ya a bit (: .

  1. Lol when he sharted then said,”oh, that was my last pamper” the guy in the
    background turned around and looked confused 😂😂😂

    • That’s wrong. The guy at the ride is Elmer, a character from one of
      Brandon’s other skits, Elmer hates his job. At the end of the skit, Elmer
      ends up eating hot dogs that made him see through time. Grandpa appearing
      as as a child is actually the result of Elmer seeing through time.

    • I kinda think I got what’s going on at the ending… so… he goes on all
      the little kid rides, he has some candy, and then he eats more and more, he
      goes on more little kid rides pretending to be a Grandpa… that’s why he
      keeps saying,” I’m a real Grandpa!” And then at the end he wants to go on
      one more, but he’s not tall enough, then it’s revealed that he was a little
      kid the whole entire time. And the man behind the camera was his father.
      Father or Brother maybe both it’s 2016

  2. OMFG so this is the guy who yelled “hi Patricia! you still look like a
    slut!!” I was legit on that ride and after he yelled that everyone laughed
    so hard

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