Disneyland 60th Anniversary – Forever Young | Disneyland Resort

Be a part of Walt Disney’s dream during the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration: a dream that has inspired millions of young people—and people young at heart—to visit something more than a destination. Get ready to be dazzled!

Song: Forever Young 
Vocalist: Christina Perri


About Disneyland:
Disneyland is where imagination is the destination. For young and old, big and small — it's The Happiest Place on Earth! So gather with all the people who make you the happiest and come to the place where dreams come true.

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27 thoughts on “Disneyland 60th Anniversary – Forever Young | Disneyland Resort

  1. One day I hope to see what Walt has built as much as I like this video it
    does make me realise that I’m in Australia and not at Disneyland but one
    day I’ll get there and there’s a good chance that I’ll feel forever young.

  2. I haven’t been to any of the parks because a *certain someone* in my family
    won’t gather the courage to board a plane.

  3. I have 14 years old and i came to Disneyland for 1st time the last year,
    when i´ve 13teen, this video make me to remember that trip with my mom and
    brother, make me cry a little bit and miss that happiest place, and now
    with these updates i want more to be there!!!

  4. I will always love and appreciate Walter Elias Disney he is a relative of
    mine,who wanted his dreams to be shared with everyone.It was his gift to
    humanity.But now it seems like his life long accomplishments are being
    changed into just a corporate business without a heart,and prices are out
    of control.Food is so costly you can’t eat there and toys for the kids are
    out! It is so sad that the people who run the park could do that to a

    • How are you related to Walt Disney? It’s not that I don’t believe you
      because I do I’m just asking how are you related to him?

  5. I miss that place I went there two times one disney land secound Nutt s
    berry farm last disney California yesterday was my last day :'(

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