Bad Boys at Disneyland Paris

Who said that Disneyland was only for kids?
Discover what happens when 5 bad guys land in Disneyland Paris.

Wer hat gesagt, dass Disneyland nur für Kinder ist?
Finde heraus was passiert, wenn 5 Bad Guys im Disneyland Paris landen.

¿Quién dice que Disneyland es solo para niños?
Descubre lo que pasa cuando 5 chicos malos llegan a Disneyland Paris.

47 thoughts on “Bad Boys at Disneyland Paris

    • That is the point Julieta – these 5 “alternatives” had no desire to go to Disney – or even Paris – they are charmed by it to the point where they are no longer being “adult”.

  1. His face, when he turned around and saw Mickey, made me tear up – sure their favourite was Phantom Manor though, come on

  2. Very funny! As a big scary metalhead myself I can tell this is obviously light hearted… You people need to get a sense of humour!

    • No! I don’t want to get a sense of ‘humor’ I want to post negative comments on YouTube all day to distract me from crushing loneliness. And Stop smiling and being alternative in your profile picture!..Confuses me. Bet you wear new rocks with colourful socks….pervert.

  3. omg, ill newer ever go to Paris or Disneyland! they inviting murders, drug addicts and prostitutes? wtf? Disneyland bankrupting? so they trying to get extra cash by selling drugs to kids? and promoting prostitutes, unprotected sex?

  4. Chavs and debt collectors in disneyland swearing at each other and getting pissed,yeah ill pass,and so will my kids.

    • 1. Professional body builder and professional actor.

      2. Professional drummer and actor.

      3. Professional actress and director, writer and  director.

      4. Professional Shakepearean Actor.

      5.( Me) Professional Actor, Music Promoter and Booking Agent.

      No criminal records – which one would you like to be???

    • +mick wood
      “Discover what happens when 5 bad guys land in Disneyland Paris” Shouldnt bad guys and thugs be in jail? Which one are you in the video by the way.What are your illegal crimes.

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